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About this project…

During my first year at San Jose State University in the Journalism and Mass Communications department, I had the opportunity to write a paper about the high occurrence online of typos, grammatical errors, and invented words. These are all things with which I have pet peeves, perhaps because I failed to correctly spell the word "warehouse" on a test when I was about 8; I thought it was spelled "Wherehouse," as in the chain of record stores. In my studies, I stumbled into the concept of "naming agencies," which quickly led me to discover the subject of branding. It didn't take me long to figure out that I wanted the final project for the completion of my MS to be about branding. Extensive soul-searching led me to realize that I never want to completely leave school, but that I would like to be on the side of the classroom that doesn't involve sitting in a subpar desk with an integrated chair. I finally arrived at the idea of "Branding 101" (the working title of the project) as the perfect excuse to learn all I could about branding, while carving out a potential niche for a satisfying career upon graduation.


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